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Edith 30,

This is been a long and hard road(2yrs), but i am very proud of myself, everything is possible, you just need to work for it!.. Thank you so much to my coaches from Clutch crossfit for push me beyond my limits, and advice on a good nutrition!


















Ashley G. 

I joined Clutch Crossfit Aug 2014 & I must say it has been the best decision I have ever made!! All the coaches and athletes are very supportive. They motivate & encourage you so much, it’s such an awesome feeling to know you have that support when working out!! So glad I decided to join Clutch!!!














Jeremy 40,











“Before and after pic. The picture on the left was 11 months ago right before I started crossfit. The picture on the right was a few days ago. Thanks Clutch Crossfit !”


Serena- after a year of zumba and other fitness weightloss methods Serena came to clutch.  More pics to come-









Marylin- Mother of 7- full time job, No Excuses

Anabel 30,  mother, full time desk  job  avid crossfitter for about a year but saw MAJOR results after changing up her diet

Sept 2012/ Dec 2012 – Training hard and following a strict paleo diet

Tomasa  35, mother

Coach Laura (along with other trainers) is awesome.  She is very encouraging and has really shown me that I can do these workouts.  I was really scared at first. It is a group training, but you do also get to feel like you get one on one training! Clutch Crossfit is Excellent.  I’m not sure exactly how much weight I’ve lost but hearing my family’s compliments during the holidays shows me its working! I love it! I can’t say enough great things about this program.







Vannessa  24

“I have been an athlete all my life; playing basketball, volleyball, softball, swim etc. in high school. But let’s face it, we aren’t in school anymore, we don’t have a coach there pushing us along, or making us push hard in practice! I tried the gym trend and it did nothing for me, besides wandering around looking for what machines to use, and relying solely on my own motivation! Then I joined crossfit…I not only gained several amazing coaches, I also gained a family type atmosphere where everyone motivates each other and pushes you beyond your limits! I can do things that I never would have done by myself or at the gym! I started 3 months ago and I can already see amazing results! I go three times a week and I LOVE it!! I can promise you that the workouts we do, you would never do at the gym or on your own time! Honestly, I feel like I missed out on all the months I wasted at the gym when I could have been going to crossfit! I feel on top of the world every time I finish a workout! I love it, I feel great and I know it’s going to make my body look great!!”

Gerry 25



MATT F.-  6 months


Andre 26, May 2012- July 2012- 90 day paleo challenge












Kevin 24, in 5 weeks -March 2012- I have been coming here for a month now and started at two days a week.  The results are amazing! Laura’s commitment and dedication to make sure you are giving 100% moves you to give 110%.  To many people complain they are not fit enough to start crossfit, I am in not way athletic but after the first week workouts were overwhelmingly easier and my body started to tune itself towards becoming leaner and stronger.  Clutch is the perfect place to get in shape to better your mind and body. Hours are great for the 5-9, the at home parent or even the night owls, anyone can make time for a 45 min workout, not to mention this box is one of the more affordable crossfit gyms.  Clutch has built up my morale, my energy, and has become a part of my lifestyle, and it all started by trying that first workout.  I recommend clutch to anyone and everyone trying to push themselves to better themselves, or just trying to gain that extra edge in their workout!

Jose 29 –     2 months of crossfit 3-4x a week












Courtney, 26      after 6 weeks of crossfit 3-4x a week

Justin Farmakakis, 28

Update: 1/15/2012- Justin just completed his first marathon in 4:28!!   He followed the Crossfit Endurance training program never running more than a 10k in pre-race training and typically only running between 10-50 minutes in preparation. Crossfit Endurance programming mixes regular Crossfit classes with high intensity running in short/medium distances rather than the conventional “logging of miles in the long slow distance training method.” Awesome job! 

I met Laura in the spring of 2010, when we began our graduate school program. When we enrolled I weighed 285 pounds and was diligently trying to lose weight with the help of my personal trainer at my employer’s gym.  I spent hours running on the eliptical machine and I was going nowhere fast. Laura’s passion for fitness was easily noticeable then, but my stubbornness kept me from thinking I needed a different path because I was doing what I thought was “Right”.

I have always been fairly athletic, even at 285 I still water skied and played rugby. I just accepted that I was a bigger kind of guy. After returning from a class trip and seeing pictures of myself in a bathing suit I reached my breaking point. Whatever needed to be done I was going to do and I asked Laura to start training me and helping with my diet. I went from 279 to 219 in 4.5 months. What I liked about Laura’s approach was it wasn’t just a fad. You work out hard and eat right and just stick with it. She also kept me in check when I was tempted to return to my old ways.  I have watched several friends lose 15lbs and gain it all back and then some shortly afterwards during my training. Laura is always pushing you to your max and I have found over time that she knows more about how much I can do than I think I can. I also credit her with changing my fitness goals as well. Originally I wanted to lose weight, but now I want to try my hand at competitions and while I have a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go I know she’ll help me get there.  I’ve even gained enough confidence in my fitness that I’ll be running my first marathon in January 2012.

No matter your fitness level Laura can help you. I have seen her work with a fellow client who could barely jog a few hundred meters initially, and it’s remarkable to watch her work with him and see the results in somebody with a non-existent athletic background.

Work hard Eat Right and Results will come

Before March 2011    285  40% body fat size 43 pants /

After Sept 2011             205  10% body Fat size 32 pants

In May 2013- Justin will complete his first Ironman triathon- 2.5mile swimming, 26.2 miles running & 112 bike ride


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