Corporate Wellness

Did you know that 70% of healthcare costs in the United States are preventable?

According to the American Heart Association, we lose $32 BILLION a year because of premature illness associated with cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Why CrossFit?

In today’s economic market every company needs to capitalize on the productivity of their staff.  A fit workforce equates to a healthier business. Wellness programs are the way of the future for companies that want to protect their most valuable asset – their employees!  When health management becomes a business priority, it can create healthier, happier and more productive employees, while increasing the company’s bottom line.

Clutch CrossFit’s Corporate Wellness programs are the answer to making your company a healthier, happier and more productive place. Our all-encompassing CrossFit program includes many different variables and options to bring elite fitness, nutrition, and education to your company. Our staff of certified and expert coaches will help anyone who is committed see tremendous results. Whether it be a before work energy boost, a lunch-time work break, or a way to beat stress at the end of the day, or helping reduce medical expenses/sick days, we can tailor a program to the needs of your employees.

How CrossFit can benefit organizations?

  • Corporate profitability rises with greater worker productivity and lower costs
  • Healthier employees are more likely to be productive because of greater energy levels and higher self-esteem
  • Healthier employees will cost the company less money by virtue of fewer sick days, lower absenteeism, and reduced health care costs
  • Encouraging employees to be healthier should boost their productivity, lower costs, and thereby enhance corporate profitability.
  • Creating a stronger sense of community amongst employees and leadership
  • Influence a greater level of effective communication between departments and management hierarchy

How We Can Help?

Our Corporate Wellness programs are the answer to making your company a healthier, happier and more productive place. Our programs are tailored to meet your organizations’ specific needs.

    • On-site group exercise sessions either before, midday or after work . All levels of fitness are welcome, exercise is scaled to individual fitness levels. Our group workouts are fun and motivating!
    • Nutrition Seminars
    • Fitness Seminars
    • Baseline Testing/Retesting
    • Body composition assessments
    • Team building sessions
    • Discounted Employee Memberships

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“Our mission is to inspire, educate, and improve the lives of your employees through an all encompassing elite fitness and nutrition program that will reflect in their positive attitude and contribution to not only their work, but their lives in general.”