Explosive Squat Cycle Begins!

If you want to squat huge weights, you must be explosive, there is no way around it. Building an explosive squat requires a 4 part approach, consisting of jumping, heavy squats, speed squats and pause squats. These 4 training modalities will develop speed and strength through every portion of the squat and make you like a bomb ready to explode out of the hole with huge weights.

Because in my experience – and I have my share – there’s no way around it. To squat huge weights, you must be explosive.

However, effectively developing this quality is complicated, and also not easy. An explosive squat requires that 4 crucial training aspects be addressed – jumping, heavy squats, speed squats, and pause squats.

Yes, 4 separate training modalities. Skip just one and you won’t reach your full potential as each addresses a different component of the squatting movement. The reward, however, is a tightly wired muscular system that’s primed like a bomb, ready to explode out of the hole with huge weights.

Perform these once a week to radically improve squats- We’ll be doing it on Mondays


Week 1

Exercise Sets Reps
A Box Jump 6 3*
Holding 25-pound dumbbells
B Squat 3
Ramp up to 80% of 1RM
C Speed Squat 5 4**
1 min rest periods
D Narrow Stance 7-Second Pause Squat 3 5***
E Weighted Sit-Up 5 15